The Persinger Plan:

If you look at Erie today, it’s pretty obvious that things are not working.

When my grandparents, Dr. John and Dorothy DeMarco, moved here in 1952, Erie was a thriving city of nearly 140,000 people.  You could get a good job with a company like Hammermill, Zurn, or GE; buy a home in a stable neighborhood; and put your kids in the public schools.

Sadly, things are different from when my grandparents moved to Erie. The City has been on a steady decline for 60 years. Today, we have a school system that may shut down tomorrow; nearly 7,000 blighted properties littering our neighborhoods; 25,000 residents living below the poverty line; children getting gunned down in our streets; and businesses leaving town every other day.  It’s obvious that things are not working.

With new leadership, we can end the decline.

With new leadership, we can get Erie working again.

As Mayor, I pledge to do three things:

1. Invest in Education;

2. Clean Up Our City; and

3. Fight for Erie’s Future.

1.  Invest in Education

We must invest in education. If we don’t have a good, quality, public school system in Erie, then it is game over. No one will want to live here. No one will want to move here. Businesses won’t invest here.

As Mayor, I will work with our superintendent, our school board, the private sector, and our elected officials to make sure that our schools are funded; that our teachers have the resources that they need; and that our children are on a pathway to success.

2. Clean Up Our City

We must clean up our city if we want people to live and work here. It starts with removing the nearly 7,000 blighted properties that litter our neighborhoods. They lower property values, attract crime, and bring down our City.  As Mayor, I will work to strategically remove each one.

We must also end the violence and drug-fueled crime that is sinking our City.  Our residents should feel safe in our homes.  And our businesses should not have to fear for their employees and customers. I will work to get more police on the streets and out into the neighborhoods, so that our city is safe and stable once again.

3. Fight for Erie’s Future

We have to stop fighting amongst ourselves.  We are fighting for jobs, not just against Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland – but against China and India.  As Mayor, I will be in the streets, listening to the concerns of our residents and businesses. I will take those concerns to Harrisburg and to D.C. and fight for Erie’s future.

When we invest in education, clean up our City, and fight for Erie’s future, then we will get Erie working again.

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